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**2023-24 cohorts are CAPPED at 5 action-oriented, results-driven advisors - seats WILL sell out!
Are You Focused On Making
FORUM IN 2024?
Our Forum Focus Mastermind has ONE SINGULAR FOCUS: making sure your name is among the elite group of advisors who qualify for FORUM in the coming awards year.
This 10-month journey prepares you with a broad stratgic-intensive kick-off and a fully personalized, custom-built strategic plan that covers EVERYTHING that's been holding you back: creating scalable infrastructure, efficient systems, a dynamic, high performance team, getting in front of the right clients more consistently, and building the mental resilience to not only attain FORUM, but to make it a sustainable achievement.

Your mastermind group will become a second family... and share in both the trials of the journey and the celebration of success at the end!

Think You Have What It Takes?

Program is By Application Only - Minimum Requirements Must Be Met To Qualify

*Learn How The Forum Focus Mastermind Program Helped Randy Make Forum By March!

3 Simple Strategies Helped Streamline Operations and Accelerate Growth...

This short video will reveal:

  • The 3 most common pain points for advanced advisors
  • ​How we apply proven strategies to solve these, and dozens of additional growth roadblocks, for our advisors 
  • ​​
  • ​How we balance streamlining processes without sacrificing client experience so you can stop be pushed around by the business you have and start focusing more time on building the practice you've always dreamed of 
*Earnings and income representations made by Christy Charise and strategicadvisor.net are aspirational statements only of your earnings potential. These results are not typical and results will vary. The results on this page are illustrative results and specific to the individual discussed, their experience, market, and the work undertaken in the program.  We can in NO way guarantee you will get similar results, or ANY results for that matter.


Application Process
The program is open by application only.  Christy conducts each consult personally and reviews each application to get a sense for you and your practice.

This ensures participants have the foundations needed to hit the ground running on Day 1, where we will develop their personalized strategy plan and leverage a highly customized group experience that speaks directly to the needs of each member and their practice.

We get started in late July... and here's what the program looks like:
Components of Forum Focus Mastermind


  • Kick Things Off With MOMENTUM!!
  • We'll kick things off with an initial 3-hour boardroom 
  • ​This interactive facilitated workshop will lay the ground work for a robust 90 day plan that is 100% customized for you and your practice
  • ​We provide the materials and drive the process
  • ​You just come with an open mind and knowledge of your practice and vision and leave the kick-off meeting with all the major components of a fully individualized strategic plan underway
  • ​Topics will include: strategic business design, dynamic team building, process/systems design, targeted value proposition, prospecting work, practice alignment and efficiency, etc
  • ​We will work through plan completion together, discussing major elements needed to achieve FORUM
  • Take up to 7 days after the boardroom to fine tune the plan and submit it for detailed individual feedback via email
  • ​This interactive, momentum building day will leave you with renewed energy around your practice and primed to take massive ACTION!


  • Ensure you stay on TRACK!
  • We'll check in each month with a 60 minute accountability call and a 60 minute boardroom call to:
  • Discuss and address any headwinds or roadblocks
  • ​Stay focused on prioritized progress
  • ​Ensure renewed focus against the plan
  • ​ Formalize any course correction or adjustments needed

Email Based Support

  • Never Go It Alone: email based Q&A or Voxer support can help  address the most pressing questions in between sessions (most responses will be sooner, but please allow up to 2 business days for reply)

Skill Building Workshops

  • Strategy and skill workshops will renew your energy,  refresh your momentum and break through boundaries to FORUM by offering specialized speakers and customized strategic topics – and it will always be fun!  (Prizes and/or spontaneous dance parties may or may not be involved).

VIP Access to Programs & Live Events

  • Be the first to get VIP Access to high-energy, high impact, momentum building, live strategic planning and growth events run by Strategic Advisor

Celebrate in STYLE!

  • What fun would accomplishment be without a party to celebrate!? Join the Tribe (on me!) for a FORUM worthy Evening Victory Celebration in Scottsdale, AZ in Nov 2024 

Meet Your Strategist & Coach

After a decade as the COO for Saugatuck Financial (the first 5 Star Pathfinder Practice at NM to cross the $2m/$2m line), I returned to my strategy consulting roots and founded Strategic Advisor - a coaching and strategy consulting firm committed to the growth and achievement of financial advisors and their teams.

I've had the tremendous privilege of contributing to the strategic growth and first-time-FORUM-achievement of dozens of advisors.  And my PASSION is not only helping advisors implement smart, efficient, practical systems and strategies that are purposefully designed to be relevant, impactful, and easy to implement... but cheering on their success and results!

It would be my privilege to support your journey to FORUM!
Join Our Forum Focus Tribe
This Mastermind Program is an experience that stays with participants beyond our 10 months together...
this tight knit group of achievers truly becomes a tribe that is not only focused on being ALL IN, they are focused on supporting and celebrating each other!  

NEVER looking at the goal as a sprint to produce unsustainable one-time results... we'll instead address each of the core elements a top practice needs for a rock solid foundation that can support many years of FORUM production to come.  And alumni always remain part of the family! 

Still Not Sure? That Means Either You Doubt You... Or You Doubt Us!

If it's us... let me assure you - this isn't our first rodeo!  With a proven track record of helping develop dozens of advisors achieve first time FORUM, I have ZERO reservation in our ability to support the transformational growth that can get YOU to FORUM as well!

If it's you... well... you'll need to decide.  
Are you ready to be all in?  Are you ready to make this the year you rock up and take action?  Are you ready to have a community of like minded advisors and a relentless strategy coach pushing you to prove to yourself exactly what you're made of?  
Are you ready to leave no doubt remaining that you BELONG in the inner circle of FORUM advisors!

We don't create one-hit-wonders... So No Fundamentals Are Overlooked...

Our approach covers all the bases and means that the results we achieve are repeatable, sustainable, and scalable!  A few examples of what's in our toolkit:


With a clear vision of what's ahead, we will outline a step-by-step plan to achieve Forum by design and no question of whether it was just a lucky year.


We will ensure your systems are tight, repeatable and build for efficient scale so there is no need for rework every time you grow.  This includes processes and team design.


The cherry on top of building a practice the right way is that it creates the kind of tight alignment that yields a motivated team and an unbelievable client experience, which in turn leads to the holy grail... unsolicited referrals.
Go Ahead... Kick the Tires on Our Track Record!

Gary Bradford, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®
Servium Financial

Servium Financial Program Results:
Harry Mentonis crossed the FORUM line in 2020-21
Gary has now crossed the FORUM line in 2021-22

Randy Hall, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, WMCP® 

In the 10 months after joining the 2020-21 Forum Focus Mastermind...

Randy posted his best year ever with:
 24% year-over-year growth in lives
50% growth in new clients
38% growth in premium
And a 68% increase in revenue!

 He also achieved several growth milestones during the program:
Crossing $100M AUM following a record IPS month in October
Breaking through $1m of total firm revenue

Sarah Norman

Two months into the Forum Focus Mastermind, Sarah wrote her largest (6-digit) month ever.  She launched a highly successful DBA launch while in the program and is currently posting a 
Best. Year. Ever.

"I started working with Christy as my coach this year.  NM: you should hire her immediately - total game changer!"

Adam Riegel (NM Top 20 - 2020)

"My two partners and I had the pleasure of working with Christy in the Fall of 2018 as we looked to evolve our 10 person team into an even more robust and efficient wealth management firm. Her exploration process was comprehensive and produced immensely insightful results. Some of her observations and suggestions proved to be true months in advance of us realizing them ourselves.

Christy's expertise was immediately clear and she had substantial impact on how our team thinks about structure, efficiency, and team development. 
Her recommendations were presented in a prioritized, actionable way that allowed us to make immediate, impactful changes. On top of this excellent output and recommendation set, Christy is passionate about seeing the work through. Many consultants just present a report. Christy has been proactive and diligent to make sure our team made prompt progress, and has circled back to ensure we continue to push the ball forward.
 Anyone looking to grow their practice and navigate the intricacies of building a firm would be well served to engage with Christy."

Adam Gilson

"I began working with Christy in 2017 when I was doing $264,000 in production.  I was also expanding my team for the first time. 

 My goal for working with Christy was to develop a system of organization and develop an efficient workstream with my newly hired team members with the goal of increasing my production. 

At first, Christy did a week in-depth session to fully create the new processes. Then, we had periodic check-ins to ensure things were on the right track and to make adjustments as needed.
In the first year working with Christy (2018), my production increased 108% and I hit Forum for the first time, and I have done so consecutively since!  
Christy was key in helping me reaching some of my professional goals and I highly recommend working with her."

Jordan Gardner

"I have spent a lot of time with Christy. 

 She helped bring several efficiencies to our practice, which gave me the opportunity to hit Forum for the first time in 2018 and consistently since I started working with her.

I also have more time in the day for myself and my family. It has given me peace of mind that a lot of the things that fell through the cracks in the past no longer do. 

I highly recommend working with Christy to anyone." 

Adam D. Seiden, MP NYC

"I know Christy personally and absolutely recommend her as a consultant, coach and expert on helping FAs grow. Please make it a point to find a way to engage in her 
amazing resources!"
Think you're ready to take the next step toward breaking through boundaries in your practice??

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Please don't wait.  Due to the highly personalized nature of the program and the amount of work behind such a strong track record, spots are extremely limited and the cap is NOT flexible.  Seats will sell out.


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