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Keep your consistency and get monthly support from like-minded, high-achieving advisors and one of the top coaches in the industry. 

10 Month Program Runs From August - May

$750 holds your spot
$750/ mo - charged from Aug - April 
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ONE TIME OFFER: Add a team member now (lead advisor or second-in-command positions will typically benefit the most). Your "Plus-One" will also receive direct access to the Boardroom calls and any add-on strategy/ content sessions, materials, and their own 2 hours of 1-1 and/or email support time during the program. This doubles the dedicated coaching time you can leverage for advancing your practice on the topics you're most interested in at the time you need it most.

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  • Access to the Forum Focus Group Kick-Off:  3-Hour Strategic Planning Session
  • Private Review and Feedback for your 10-Month Strategic Growth Plan
  • Support and Dialog via Monthly Boardroom Calls (1.5 hours)
  • Access to Extra Presentations Scheduled for the Full Forum Focus Mastermind Program
  • Guided Execution of Your 10-Month Growth Plan including 2 hours of email support & 1-1 coaching time beyond the boardroom calls
  • A clear vision of what to prioritize now v. over time to build the practice you envision
  • Ways to systematize your sales process and prospecting for more efficient client building
  • Feedback including the EXACT trialed, tested and proven frameworks and processes used to build our multi-7-figure, 5-Star Pathfinder practice
  • SPECIFIC tactics to FOCUS your time, be more efficient and eliminate distractions that hinder your growth
  • Strategies to stay resilient in a business that brings unprecedented levels of rejection
  • Join us for our FORUM FOCUS celebration drinks in Scottsdale, AZ in Nov. 2024!
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